Joe Simpson

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Seeking entry-level Game Development Industry opportunities. A graduate of Michigan State University with a major in Media and Information and a minor in Game Development. Performed various leadership roles and has completed collaborative group and individual projects.

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Undead Postal Service

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Undead Postal Service is a pixel art metroidvania set in the zombie apocalypse where society relies on mail carriers to deliver messages for communication.

Role: Level Designer and General Designer 

Designed a complex level incorporating shortcuts, sidequests, and the gradual progression as the player gains new abilities you would expect in a metroidvania. Helped flesh out ideas for the game such as the dog companion

Parkour Cyborgs (WIP)


Parkour Cyborgs is a 2d multiplayer racing game where 2-4 players compete to be the first to the finish line. On the way, players will have numerous opportunities to outmaneuver and trip up their friends through the use of power-ups, force push, rail grinding, and general platforming prowess.

Role: Level Designer 

Worked with other disciples (artists, programmers, general designers) to make a fun and fast paced level that provides numerous options for the player to take advantage of the game’s mechanics. Frequently modify the level based on play test feedback and to accommodate the addition/modification of core mechanics throughout development.

FPS Multiplayer Map


A symmetrical, Halo-inspired, multiplayer map built using Unity progrids created for an assignment in MSU’s spring 2020 Building Virtual Worlds class which required us to block out a level for a video game.

I decided to make a multiplayer map that would fit into a classic arena shooter, drawing inspiration from certain visual and design themes seen in Halo. These include elements such as the odd trapezoidal cover pieces and central trench seen in the Halo Combat Evolved map Hang-Em High or the circular platform accessed via multiple paths and man-cannons seen in the Halo 3 map Guardian.