Give Love on Christmas Day – the Story of a 20-year-old Xmas Mixtape

Image of My Christmas Memories CD

On December 9th, my sister sent a picture via iMessage of a CD which made me very nostalgic and tearful. Back then, things were much different. Napster had just been dissolved due to litigation, ripping songs from your CD collection was all the rage. As a Detroiter growing up less than two miles from Motown’s Hitsville, USA, music is always been a part of my DNA and at Christmas time I would always try to share something personal with friends and family that keeps me grounded in who I am and where I came from.

Bah humbug?

Personally, I don’t get into Christmas a lot because I grew up below the poverty line for so many years and as an adult would always rather give to someone in need instead. Being 3,000 miles away from home, the holidays remind me of my siblings and mom’s family that I dearly missed. Wanting to do something that connected all of us as a family and I decided to make a CD of songs that my family would all know from our times growing up as a family my siblings and my mom on Trumbull Avenue in Highland Park, Michigan. 

Label Maker

Entitled My Christmas Memories, here is a Spotify list of those 11 songs, 45 minutes for you to share in hopes that maybe one or two of these songs mean something to you and will connect us. I used a CD label maker kid, printing the adhesive label from a simple Adobe Illustrator design and mail them around the country to family.

A cracked, but still functioning classic iPod.
A cracked, but still functioning classic iPod.

I don’t own a copy of the CD and these songs live only on my cracked, classic iPod which could die any day but this memory, like so many others live on with family each holiday.

Listen to more on Spotify

If you like these songs, check out my WordPress Core Christmas Playlist with over 37 songs, 2 hours, and 46 minutes or read the story behind my Spotify WordPress playlist.

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