WOW (Week of WordPress) includes State of the Word Q&A

Images of Matt Mullenweb, Joe Simpson and the north LA WordPress Community

On Thursday, December 17th at 8 am Pacific Time I fired up the Zoom, and my friends in the north valleys of Los Angeles began to “DING” in one by one, I couldn’t hold a secret any longer. For those unfamiliar, I explained what the State of the Word was when it normally occurred (at WordCamp US, which is usually the final WordCamp of the year) and what we could expect. I also nervously but casually mentioned that I submitted a question that may be answered during Matt Mullenweg’s address starting momentarily. 

Next Question.

As time passed, I began to lose confidence. Maybe I didn’t make the cut or was too controversial or not interesting enough. Then, after Matias Ventura (I saw him at WPBlock Talk at the beginning of the pandemic in spring) there I was!

Seeing my question being answered by Matt Mullenweg during the annual State of the Word was pretty cool. I always appreciate how kind and genuine Matt is. As he answered my question and thanked me for my contributions to the community I felt the same sense of welcoming and warmth I did back at the WordPress VIP Intensive Developer Workshop so long ago. Three years ago, I watched my first “State” address from the same spot in my house, my ‘man cave’ or ‘she shack’. Back then, I was on medical leave recovering from a heart event. 

Ready for Blast Off

I was recharging — attending almost two dozen WordPress Meetups, WordCamps culminating that fall with WordCamp United States, and Matt’s words inspired me to take flight. The next three years have been a thrill ride of events in the Community – each week’s events topping the prior one. This week meant hosting three Meetups, attending three, and getting ready for the holidays. And this year’s update was no different, leaving me excited about contributing to the WordPress Open Source Project.

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