My Magical WordCamp Tour Continues: Orange County

Joe Simpson, WordCamp Orange County

Recap: WordCamp Orange County, June 9, 2018

Be Like Mike

I didn’t know that I wanted to Be Like Mike. At the Speaker’s Dinner for WordCamp Orange County (#WCOC) on Friday evening at the Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course in Irvine, I had a great conversation with Mike “Judah” Baker. Just like me, Mike did double duty at a previous WordCamp both as a Speaker AND Volunteer and predicted that “I’ll be very, very, tired afterward” in relation to presenting “90 Days to Live”.

The organizing team, David Margowsky (Speech Wrangler), Priscilla Christian (Volunteer Organizer), and Steve Zehngut (Lead Organizer) welcomed volunteers and speakers with a lively, pep-rally style session that got everyone hyped for a great weekend. What I appreciated most was how early on, Dave sought me out when I arrived to personally welcome me which again is why I enjoy the WordPress Community so much!

Reminiscent of an NBA game player introduction, when your name was called you’d run a gauntlet of high fives, cheers, and hollerin’ to grab your swag bag that included your t-shirt, cap, munchies, and other goodies. I’d heard previously how lively the Orange County crew was from volunteers at WordCamp Los Angeles last fall, but this gets together added a layer of excitement and anticipation that would carry the weekend.

Ready, Player, WordPress!

The Camp’s theme this year was Dungeons and Dragons, the iconic fantasy tabletop role-playing game. Dave appeared, almost as if out of the mist in a wizard’s robe replete with a British accent full of ‘thous’ and ‘whilsts’. In character, he energized the crowd sprinkling in-game references or similarities between D&D and the WordPress Open Source Project.

After a monologue, he handed the microphone to Steve and just like that, WordCamp Orange County was on. It also meant that I was up next in this very room, wearing my speaker’s hat to OPEN the Beach Room line up of speakers!

Epilogue: WordCamp Orange 2018 Recap

What could top the most fun experience I’ve had at a WordCamp to-date? I joined Steve for an episode of the popular WordPress show, WP Watercooler, Episode 277, June 15, 2018. From start to finish, the team at WordCamp Orange County did an incredible job in sparking exciting and an energy I could draft on when returning to my daily routine.

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