WordCamp Slam: Phoenix makes fourth speech in calendar year

WordCamp Phoenix Social Media Card

On February 16, 3:20p I’ll circle the proverbial bases scoring my fourth presentation at WordCamp Phoenix, in the Valley of the Sun. It all seems like a blur, but presenting “90 Days: Finding your place in the WordPress Community“, marks another milestone proving that when focusing on things you’re passionate about, amazing things are possible within the WordPress Community.

Utility Player

In sports, cliches like “It is what it is”, or are a critical part of enjoyable banter and rhythm that adds layers of nuance to what you’re watching. In terms of WordPress, this period of about seventeen months has given me a unique glimpse into what makes it so great – the people, relationships, and untethered ceiling on learning. Getting involved in WordPress allows you to many entry points to gain valuable access to grow both personally and professionally.

Box Score

Since re-entering the game, I’ve done the following:

  • Attended WordPress Meetups – Interested in starting a Meetup? Attending two or three meetings in your region will give you a flavor of different ways to operate them – guest speakers, hands-on help, website reviews, and more;
  • Volunteered at WordCamp Los Angeles – Personally going behind the registration table allowed interaction with each person that walks through the door and is one of the most enjoyable experiences as you hear such a diverse sample of stories from attendees. The nicest touch was the members on hand from Automattic ALWAYS said thank you for your help;
  • Founded a local WordPress Meetup – learned that there is a difference between a Meetup and an official WordPress Meetup (vetting and training required);
  • Emceed at WordCamp US – introducing speakers allowed me access to an incredible roster of talent and the audience interaction (in person and online) was exhilarating;
  • Participated in Contributor Day at WordCamp US – if you’ve never done this, I’d recommend doing this in Phoenix this weekend. You learn the behind the scenes story on how the WordPress Open Source Project is updated and improved; and
  • Spoken at WordCamps – In another life, I was a public speaker and trainer. Through WordPress, I reignited that passion and beginning with an incredible experience in Chicago, I’ve been able to present in all formats (standard long, discussion, and lightning), room layouts, and audience sizes.

Get involved with WordPress

Whatever you want to achieve – grow your business, learn to code, express yourself through design, and everything in-between giving back to the WordPress Open Source Project allows you to get in the game.

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