Attenhut! WordCamp San Diego 2018

WordCamp San Diego, April 14-15, 2018

Awakening at 4 o’clock in the morning is never fun, but it felt like boot camp reveille. Saturday, April 14th began this way because I needed to arrive in “America’s Finest City”, San Diego by 7:45 am. Why so early you ask? Today is the first of the two-day WordCamp San Diego 2018 and I was taking the 3 hours plus drive down from the sleepy town of Castaic in northern Los Angeles County.


The theme of this year’s camp is a salute to the military and a retro brand was developed. The shirt reflected the military greens complete with the stripes as part of the t-shirt lockup. The dark green swag bag resembled a satchel a cadet would use for rations and the signage completed a well-designed look.

The thing I appreciate most about WordCamps is community. Hearing great presentations of topics I’m interested in and what I like about most of all is talking with other attendees during sessions or the breaks in-between.

Wordcamp San Diego Branding

WordCamp San Diego Session Highlights

Although there were many great things going on here in southern California, here are my highlights of the day were:

Dave Woods of DeeDub, Inc

The Road to ADA Accessibility  – Dave presented an awesome session on Accessibility. Being in the public government sector and constantly battling designers on why their ‘bright colors’ are excluding a large portion of our audience and putting our company a legal risk. High slide deck was immaculately designed and highlighted his topics emphatically. I’d recommend downloading and becoming familiar with Accessibility in WordPress – this is definitely required reading.

Matt Cromwell

How To Prepare Your Site for WordPress’s New Block-based Editor: Gutenberg – A great look at the current status of the next big thing in WordPress, Gutenberg. A great demo with, a donation system he helps develop how they integrated Gutenberg blocks into their project. It was delivered with humor and wit that wet ones whistle to the potential and possibilities of the upcoming changes. If you aren’t familiar with Gutenberg or want to contribute, I’d check this presentation out.

Christina Hills

Slides for the How to Make Your WordPress Site Come Alive with Pictures presentation.How to Make Your WordPress Site Come Alive with Pictures – GREAT tips on using photographs on your WordPress project; awesome plugin and technique suggestions for the beginner to advanced users. Loved the level of detail and personal demeanor present in her speaking style.

Amber Hewitt

Sildes for the How to Level Up your Web Design Skills presentation.

How to Level Up Your Web Design Skills – I’ve seen her present before and as usual, she doesn’t disappoint. A graduate of the Internationally-known Art Center College of Design, the presentations I’ve seen by Amber focus on design and branding in a digestible and practical way. Common questions that soloprenuers without a degree in graphic design or user-experience should make a point to seek her out at WordCamps.


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