Swim Upstream: Attending WordCamp US from Your Living Room

Day 1 Livestream Video Player, Wordcamp US

How to Watch WordCamp US from the Comfort of your Sofa

This would be a perfect conclusion to my 90 Days plan [link later] — I’d finish with a visit to Music City, Nashville, Tennessee for WordCamp US in December. Unfortunately, my schedule was in flux and I could not attend WordCamp US. But I did notice something different from other Wordcamps I had attended — a LIVESTREAM link in the menu. Here’s how I enjoy being there without being there…

What is Livestream and how does it work?

Duh. WordPress (WP) is offering a way for those that can’t attend an option of being involved via video stream. On the TICKETS page, you simply select the LIVESTREAM option under description provide the number of people who’ll watch (form WP tracking purposes I assume) and click REGISTER. You’ll be asked for your contact info including email, what you do with WP, if you make money doing so, company name and city where you’re located. You log in with that email and you’re in!

How to get free Livestream tickets
On the TICKETS page, you simply select the LIVESTREAM option under description provide the number of people who’ll watch and click REGISTER.

Play on, player

To access the content, select the LIVESTREAM menu item and select the room (Fiddle Track, Banjo Track, Guitar Track and State of the Word) based on the schedule of speakers. With so many great topics and groupings of subjects in each track, I’d suggest making a schedule for each hour so you won’t miss out. Don’t worry, WordPress is making the presentions available quickly through the players themselves and on WordPress.tv.

The player is accessible as well (see image) with audio captions accompanying the action so that all of our Community can listen in or watch. Along the top of the player is:

  • In the upper left, you’ll first encounter a status. LIVE appears red and shows you that preso that is currently happening in real-time. A blue DVR button shows you recorded information from Friday and presos as they finish. WordCamp has been awesome in getting things up and available!
  • The title of the presentation is next (on DVR items) and before the presentations start, along the bottom where the captions show;
  • An ABOUT information button provides data on which room the video is from/tied to; and
  • EVENT POSTS gives you the ability to view past content by clicking through on the title you’d like to watch.

As a county government agency tech worker, it is a great feeling to know WordPress is accessible forward in their approach. OPINION: So many developers, designers, and their clients don’t devote thought, time or effort to accessibility which along with responsiveness should be the first thing addressed.

Get Your Popcorn Ready

As the noted scholar, Terrell Owns, once said Get Your Popcorn Ready find a space in your home, co-working space or local coffee shop and grab your noise-deafening headphones. I was kicked out of my living room and moved into the mancave (see image) for a day two of Camping. Annually, my daughter attends Blizzcon virtually to avoid the crowds and when she arrived home from school she paused and nodded her confirmation so I guess I’m a bit cooler than this morning.

Wordcamp Livestream Watching Party
Here’s where I watched Day 2 of WordCamp US, aka, my mancave.

My set-up was for optimal productivity: in the living room I hooked into my television’s HDMI but in the mancave, I used my Wacom Cintiq to have two screens for working and viewing. This allows you to pop up tabs or multiple windows to see the schedule, stream and write, design or develop throughout your day.

Slurp it Up and Share

For my learning curve, I get the most by watching others demonstrate. Like Morten Rand-Hendriksen’s Lynda.com work and his awesome speech at WordCamp US on Friday, great speakers are like candy to a baby for me. Get in your zone by taking notes, screens blogging, chatting or whatever you do to absorb the wisdom. I blog as well to retain and if you’re reading this (excuse my blog, it’s a work in progress) this story is how I share with others on Twitter, Slack or wherever you see fit. As an aspiring speaker (and former Toastmaster), my blogging revolves around speaker presentations, their effectiveness and takeaways, good or not so much.

WordCamp US Livestream (Morten Rand-Hendriksen)
Great, great presentation by an awesome speaker, Morten Rand-Hendriksen.

See You, Same Time Next Year

I attended four WordCamps this year (US, Riverside, LAX and Grand Rapids) and will start a 52 Week Savings Plan to ensure that I’ll be wherever WordCamp US or another dream location (Europe, etc.) that interest so I can blog/broadcast in person. Will I see you there?

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