Wapuu History and the Live Show at WordCamp Los Angeles

Joe holding up a Wapuu pin from WordCamp Santa Clarita during WCLAX presentation.

Los Angeles and its WordCamp are home for me. Been an Angeleno for 32 years so I’m always excited and honored when asked to participate in WordCamp Los Angeles in any capacity. Be it as a volunteer, speaker, or attendee this event is always fun. This year, I would present a topic on a subject that you rarely see at WordCamps where business, marketing, and development reign supreme. And now for something completely different – the history of Wapuus.

Wapuus and their history was a fun way for me to wrap up speaking at WordCamps during a busy virtual season. In consecutive weeks over the preceding month at WordCamps in Rochester, Asheville,  Austin, and Los Angeles my total to eight events in this calendar year.

Live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

What I appreciated most about this event was the familiar faces and the very relaxed atmosphere I felt being around people I know. Preparing for and speaking in front of the home crowd relieved any butterflies. But what was truly neat that their organizing team structured their event similar to a live television show. 

Joey Daoud, Live Show Wrangler and Organizer for WCLAX
Joey Daoud, Live Show Wrangler and Organizer for WCLAX

A herculean task with lots of branded show graphics, intros/outros, recorded, studio, and live segments took Blaze Media’s live stream to a new level and Joey Daoud’s work should be commended. 

Inclusion in action

I was very concerned that because of rotator cuff surgery on September 19th (requiring a leave of absence), I wouldn’t be able to speak at four planned WordCamp events in the fall. But the organizing team in Los Angeles was incredibly accommodating. I was in considerable pain which prevented me from using my computer to do even the most basic tasks in a productive manner. Reaching out to the team and as usual in the WordPress Community, they were very supportive and welcomed my request to pre-record my presentation. 

I’d record short snippets and rest. Repeat. And repeat until I have the presentation completed. I slept during recovery like a newborn — up at all times of the day or night and if I felt ok, I’d work on the presentation. 

You can check out all the great presentations on WordPress.tv, and mine included a Marvel Studios-style opening and lots of fun information about creating a Wapuu.

The Future of Virtual WordCamps

My hope is that moving forward when in-person WordCamp events return that some form of virtual live stream is offered to the Community we’ve discovered in 2020. Every WordCamp should offer a fully accessible event with online chats or possibly breakout rooms to include these audiences. Events like the ones in 2020 and here in Los Angeles pushed the medium forward and benefit the Community.

Closing Thank You slide from #WCLAX
Closing Thank You slide from #WCLAX

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