The Twelve Hours of Christmas: A look back at Twenty Twenty

The words Twelve Hours of Christmas atop a decorated tree.

Best of Intentions

You’ve opened your cards and presents, filled your face, taken a nap and against your better have picked up your phone or powered the laptop. If you are like me during every Christmas season, I try and reflect on the past year with this extra time. What happened of note in 2020 in the WordPress Community or personally? Any life events or major changes to reflect on? Did I do anything memorable in 2020? What new or existing relationships blossomed in the past 12 months? 

View of tree and wreath with lights and unwrapped presents.
View of tree and wreath with lights and unwrapped presents.

And each year around this time I propose to write about it. And unfortunately, what usually happens is that I have so many ideas but even more commitments (holidays with the family, calls, etc) ending up writing at most one or two blog posts.

But this year I’m doing it differently. I’m committing to writing or vlogging at least 12 stories about the past year and the beauty of it is that inside of my site live a whole bunch of drafts waiting to see the light of day.  

The Chinese calendar Year of the Rat (2020) was an incredibly busy year for me  — changes in work, changes in the world, changes in our political system, social justice movements — so many justifiable excuses to NOT do anything and in fact recoil into our hardened shells for protection and self-preservation.

Who needs another story?

I don’t write this just to share them with the world or provide inspiration or a voice that may resonate with your own experience but as a way of documenting MY life. I now cherish every moment, every interaction. Every person I encounter. 

Having a heart event made me want to do things to document my life — go figure! Share stories and maybe, possibly one day my son, daughter, their families, or future descendants may want to know a little about Joe Anderson Simpson Jr or about the times that we lived in. And thus, my Twelve Hours of Christmas.

Join in, comment, and share your year’s best or worst. I’ll share mine automatically on social media and would love your feedback.

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