Oh Behave! Marketing Smarter with The Choice Factory

Presentation slide from The Curse of Knowledge from the Choice Factory

You press the forward button on the remote arriving at the final slide in the presentation and someone IMMEDIATELY wants a copy for reference. As a seasoned speaker, this means there’s a connection with your audience and can pat myself on the back. Having GREAT content based on The Choice Factory which was half the battle.

May the Force Be with You?

Generally, assigned reading doesn’t end well. When a new team colleague suggested that our entire business unit read a chapter in the book “The Choice Factory” by Richard Shotton (Harriman House, February 26, 2018) and present, I considered the following excuses NOT do so:

  • We already have enough meetings during the week, some productive and others a less so;
  • Most office presentations feel like being sent to the principal’s office (lecture style), dry and lack the entertainment value required to keep you awake in a dark room after lunch; and
  • What if I couldn’t find a chapter worth translating to the big screen?

Each chapter in the book addresses a biases that we all have as Marketers that if we leverage properly, we can achieve measurable success. The book quickly hooks you with a tragic tale of a murder that was significant to New York’s history and was the spring board to illustrating how we see and interpret things are clouded by behavioral bias.

On the Big Screen

Like a feature film, what I found riveting was how each chapter was a self-contained story arc. Each chapter identifies, through practical examples, a bias and lists experiments conducted to illustrate it but what I enjoyed most was solutions complete with data offered opportunities for our team to discuss or debate in relation to our situation.

This made it hard for me to decide which chapter to choose – so many great topics to share with the group – but after listening to the audio book over and over and over again I settled on the Curse of Knowledge.


Being a part of the Digital Strategy, Marketing, and Advertising team I found the data in “the Curse” chapter so pertinent to our situation. We were installing digital touch screens on one of our line at that very moment and buy lots of ads in the methods described in the book. Links to tools were easy to research and incorporate into my presentation, bringing it to life.

Slide from my presentation, Bias 16 – The Curse of Knowledge” to colleagues from the Choice Factory by Richard Shotton.

More Resources & Recommendations

What a great book! I’d highly recommend it to anyone on a Marketing team in any role. The book offers tools and resources you can incorporate into and improve your daily processes.

Having three versions of the book was invaluable in that when putting the presentation together; listening to it over and over and over in Audible; using the link provided in the paperback; and downloading a digital version which I further leveraged in Apple’s digital reader.

What an incredible experience and being able to really dig into the the chapters allowed for a real connection to the material and my audience.

“The Choice Factory” by Richard Shotton (Harriman House, February 26, 2018) is available wherever books are sold including Amazon.com*.

* This review of the Choice Factory contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a commission (at no additional charge to you). I only endorse products I have personally benefitted from. Thank you for reading.

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