And now for something completely different

Most Meetups go down like this – show up a few minutes early hoping for snacks (after all, you come over right after work most often), get a comfortable seat with a good view of the night’s presenter. This August night was no different if you have your Meetup 52 FLOORS ABOVE DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES, ARE TREATED TO AN EVENING WITH CHRIS DO, and you’re FEATURED PROMINENTLY ON A SEGMENT FOR HIS POPULAR YOUTUBE CHANNEL SHOW! Not to sound all Fan Boy and such but this was (yet again) another example of why the WordPress Community is so cool!

DTLA WordPress Meetup organizer Jason Braun hosted the evening only stating that a special guest was in store. Upon arrival (just water and chips by the way), handheld and tripoded cameras and lights were being set up around the WeWork space, and a man dressed to my liking – a baseball cap and in black – stood in front of a screen with a nicely designed slide deck.

The Past and the Futur

What followed was probably the best WordPress Meetup I’ve ever attended for a few reasons:


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