Another 90 Days: Appearance on The Jeff Large Podcast

While at WordCamp Chicago, I met Jeff Large (left).

Don’t talk to strangers

I decided to approach him as he sat alone at the table at the WordCamp Speaker’s Dinner. I didn’t know anyone but was determined to make my first WordCamp speech and return to the stage after years away to really enjoy the sights and sounds of the WordPress Community and one of the greatest towns in the country, Chicago.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Smith of C2 Creative.
Jeff Large (far right) and I genuinely connected and became friends during the weekend at WordCamp Chicago. Photo courtesy of Patrick Smith of C2 Creative.

Jeff Large, an entrepreneur and leading voice in Podcasting space and a fellow presenter sat at a table with a beer and over the next 48 hours we had genuine conversations about family, business, toys, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and our connections to WordPress. We connected over the weekend, hung out at one another’s talks, after parties, then went our separate ways. We stayed in touch over media channels – until he called on me to appear on his show, the Jeff Large Podcast, “Cherish Life Every Day”, September 20, 2018.

My “90 Days” story of healing, mindfulness, and starting over has struck an inspirational chord and although the subject matter of The Jeff Large Podcast show focuses on business owners and their processes, he was gracious enough to feature our discussion in summer of 2018.  You can access the podcast at the link above or listen in the player below.

Cherish Life Every Day, September 20, 2018, The Jeff Large Podcast

Podcast: Jeff Large, The Jeff Large Podcast
Photo: Partick Smith, C2 Creative Studio

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