Cool Cats & Kittens: WordPress Plugins at WordCamp Denver

Las Vegas' bright lights and excitement

First off, I love swing music, and wanting to do something different at a WordCamp or liven up my presentations, in general, were methods to connect with the audience. To focus attention on the content, I decided to take the Las Vegas theme of my presentation for WordCamp Denver to the max. I donned my Fedora, dimmed the lights, and open my presentation with a Frank Sinatra riff on his “Luck Be a Lady” with lyrics changed to represent WordPress plugins.

It was another in a series of presentations at Virtual WordCamps that would extend throughout the entire pandemic. For me, it was a ray of light to keep my mind off of the depressing events that were going on across our country.

This presentation entitled ‘Lucky 7’ compared the WordPress Community and finding plugins to taking a trip to Las Vegas. Bright light, excitement, lots of activity all around all the time can be very distracting if you allow it. The sheer number of plugins for most new users to WordPress can be just as overwhelming.

Covering a number of basic tips that I recommend to all my Meetup attendees, I provided some interactivity with Q&A during the presentation and poorly sang Sinatra to break the ice.

A big thanks to the organizing team at WordCamp Denver for having me and it was a pleasure to virtually travel to Denver a town that’s on my bucket list when in-person events resume in the future. 

Thank You WordCamp Denver

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