Los Angeles Football Club Partnership offers cameo in promo video

Featured actress chanting L-A-F-C!

Tonight marks the second chance to see my ‘featured extra’ role in a Metro (Los Angeles) and Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) promotional video at Banc of America stadium during tonight’s game versus Toronto FC.

I ‘arrived’ last month. During tonight’s game I’ll see myself up on the big screen. Although you may think I moved to La La Land so many years ago to join the hoards of actresses and actors seeking their big break.

The Businessman in a Suit and Tie

"Featured actor" Joe Simpson looking around during chant in promotional video between Los Angeles Football Club and Metro Los Angeles.

My company works in conjunction with lots of companies to promote using public transportation to entertainment around the Southland. My colleague knew that I was an avid football (soccer), AYSO referee, US & Chelsea supporter and invited me to participate in the film shoot but with one caveat. I’d need to wear a suit and tie for a specific role in the video.

“What was my motivation?”

The concept for the video was as follows: a young fan boards a Metro train full of passengers on a daily commute in sunny Southern California. She notices LAFC stars Eduard Atuesta and Latif Blessing on the train. She yells out “L-A” and the train turns into a supporter’s rally, complete with drums, flashing lights, and excitement!

Los Angeles Football Club players Latif Blessing and Eduard Atuesta on Metro light rail vehicle during video.
Los Angeles Football Club players Latif Blessing and Eduard Atuesta on Metro light rail vehicle during video.

Filmed on location

A featured extra had a specific task to perform and possibly get in the final cut. I was fortunate to have a few closeups where I ‘acted’ – noticing the commotion, pulling out my headphones, being surprised, eventually joining into the chant, then transforming into a fan complete with my LAFC gear! Check out the video below.

You’ll notice me standing to the right of the MLS players during the chant exchange, behind the supporters during the drum display, and in a couple of featured closeups. I need an agent but welcome your comments on my acting debut! Check out more photos from the day on location and film shoot in an additional story onsite.

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