Shoulder require a visit to Dr. Klapper’s ESPN Weekend Warrior Show

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A freak shoulder pandemic injury has me in shambles and as the doctor refers to it, “altakakaritis (just getting old)” has set in and I need a plan forward. One silver lining, if there is one during “Stay-at-Home” is that more meaningful local or worldwide virtual connections are more readily available.

First Time, Long Time?

Similar to my MLS is Back (#mlsisback) video on a whim idea that made ESPN’s national broadcast, I decided to call not expecting to get through or be placed on hold for much later in the show, if at all. After being placed on hold very briefly by the show’s screener, I got on faster than ever for my fourth call with Dr. Klapper! 

The Weekend Warrior with Dr. Robert Klapper every Saturday morning 7-9 am on ESPN LA 710. Podcasts available on Apple Podcasts as well as the ESPN site. 

Weekend Warrior with Dr. Robert Klapper has been on the air at ESPN LA 710 AM for ten years. The premise of the show is he intertwines the worlds of art, surfing, and mainstream sports with a ‘clinic’ for those of us who participate in sports (and our injuries). His holistic, avoid shots, and surgery as a last resort resonates with his audience and I appreciate his love of his patients and food adventures.

Listen to my call into the Show

To hear my diagnosis, listen to the first hour of the show at the 21:00 minute mark of the podcast.

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